“Intimacy, Communication, and Awareness” with Ted Maddry at New Culture Summer Camp East

In-YanBridging the Gap: Revisions and Resolutions

What’s your communication style, and can you speak another “language”?

Different people learn and communicate in different ways. In interpersonal communication, what can you do to effectively communicate in the moment when your styles are mismatched? And if this a relationship that you want to develop, what can you do together over time to learn how to better speak each other’s “language”? Learn how to effectively ‘bridge the gap’ in communication challenges that arise in student/teacher, professional, and interpersonal dynamics, and have an opportunity to troubleshoot individual real-world learning and communication challenges.

What If?

After a week of getting to know one another deeply, we can find great insight and still retain the fresh perspective that comes from a first impression. We will bring together the rapport we’ve built and the open, vulnerable space that Summer Camp can open in each of us to play a game called “What If?” It’s a simple game where we’ll put you in a scenario, perhaps from the week, or maybe from your life. Then we’ll offer ideas and indulge curiosity about what would happen if you changed this little thing (“What if you were standing closer?” “What if you speak less often?” “What if you expressed your hurt feelings?”) and observe how the scene plays out.

f160aed7-d9c3-4437-935c-a941f3a1111eAfter sneaking awareness, intimacy and communication skills into his dance classes for years, Ted Maddry (www.tedmaddry.com)  is excited to be facilitating personal growth more directly. Now he enjoys bringing movement and body awareness to an exploration of self. His intuition and keen attention to detail create a dynamic facilitation style that adjusts each session to the needs of the participants. Expect to be challenged in unusual ways. Expect Ted to say the things unsaid in “polite company,” in support of your growth and self-awareness. Expect to use your body, and experiment with your boundaries. Ted is also the Ringleader of Beyond Blues, offering weekly Blues Dance venues in Berkeley and San Francisco, workshops, and dance camps.


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