Workshop: “Using NVC in your Primary Relationship(s)” will be at New Culture Summer Camp East

1394110895Using Non-Violent Communication in your Primary Relationship(s)

In this workshop we’ll explain what causes conflict (especially in intimate relationships), and teach you a few easy-to-learn techniques that will turn most of those potential arguments into opportunities for greater intimacy, instead of frustration and anger.
We’ll share with you our skills as professional relationship mediators and NVC* instructors, including some of the newer, body-centered ways of working with NVC.
Bring your spouse(s) or come alone. This class will also be helpful for people between relationships seeking to improve their partnership skills.
*NVC and Non-Violent Communication are trademarks of and Marshall Rosenberg.


clip_image009Max and Elise Rivers ( pioneered combining NVC and mediation and focusing on using these powerful tools specifically on primary relationships over the past 15 years.  They have developed a six session process for coaching people to find the benefit of their differences, specializing in helping people in nontraditional intimate relationships like their own.


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